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This page features a selection of testimonials sent in by members about services and other opinions related to the site. Each testimonial is related to a specific service offered my Boston Business Listing. You can view the details of our services by selecting one of the links below.

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"Want to thank you as I have definitely seen improvement in my web placement!!!!" - Barbara at A Better View

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“Boston Business Listing has given me the opportunity to be more visible to customers that may not otherwise find me." - Linda at Lizzyoos

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“Over the past 6 months I have received 4 new contracts. They all came from Boston Business Listing.” - Nielsen Electric

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"I think this website is wonderful" - Pam at Maine-ly Cats

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"We have received several new hosting accounts from referrals. The yearly Gold membership paid for itself with 1 sale" - Mike at Atell Hosting

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"Thanks! I went to Yahoo and searched Boston garden decor and yippee! there we were!" - Karen at AK Designs

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Boston Business Article

City of Boston is host to many fine institutions; schools like Harvard University
article BY Tammy
North End - Fenway, Boston flavor found in restaurants & food carts across the city
article BY Tammy
From high end designers to hipster chic boutiques Boston boasts a shopping
article BY Tammy
Nightclubs & bars, museums & sports games, Boston has a variety to entertain visitors
article BY Tammy
Boston is one of the most popular cities for tourists in the United States
article BY Tammy