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Boston Business Listing FAQ

How long will it take to get site listed on Boston Business Listing?
  • Gold Members are included in the directory within 24hrs.
  • FREE membership applications can take up to two weeks.
  • Companies willing to link back to Boston Business Listing are accepted within 1-2 business days.
I know my username but don't know my password.No problem you can request a password reset. Go to Member Login and click "forgot your password" enter your username and the email you signed up with and a new password will be mailed to you.
I can't remember my username, password or email Send an email to please include your full name and your business name. Your username and password will be reset and emailed back to you.
How can I link back to Boston Business Listing?
Simple just visit our link back page and add the html code to your website.
I've seen directories that add sites automatically. Why don't you?
Well, although we can set our directory to do it, we have chosen not to for a simple reason: respect to our visitors and advertisers. An automated listing would allow anyone to post information that might be incorrect, out of date or most importantly they may not meet the Boston Business Listing standard.
Can I see how much traffic my site is receiving from my ad?
Yes! If you are a Gold Member (any membership type but free), you can log into your account and see the number of visitors that have viewed your profile. You can also see how many people have left Boston Business Listing from your ad and gone to your website.
My company doesn't have a website to link to?
No problem! We can provide you with a website and web hosting. Just let us know what you need and we can create a solution that works best for your company.
How is Boston Business Listing different?
Boston Business Listing provides a unique business directory and only lists companies that out perform the competition in reliability, quality and customer service. We take the time to look into companies requesting to be listed. That way Boston consumers can save time doing research and feel good about the companies they choose from the Boston Business Listing.
What types of companies are NOT allowed?
Companies that offer illegal services or promote illegal or inappropriate services or products. Boston Business Listing reserves the right to accept or reject any businesses for this directory. For more details visit ourterms of use.
Can I make a change or remove my company listing?
Yes, users can update their company information. Users can also upgrade their accounts using papal, MasterCard, Visa, ect... by logging into your account. If you would like to remove your company from the Boston Business Listing please email us with your company name, and we will remove you immediately.


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