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City of Boston is host to many fine institutions; schools like Harvard University

By Tammy - freelance writer - Article Added ( 12/31/2009 )

New England is known for its high concentration of elite colleges. The city of Boston is host to several of these fine institutions; from legendary schools like Harvard University, to the leading institutions in modern communication and art like Emerson College, Boston is one of the United States most populous and loved college cities.

 Some of the United States’ most prestigious schools are located in Boston, including Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Harvard is the oldest institution of learning in the United States. Founded in 1636, Harvard has since seen seven presidents and forty Nobel Laureates graduate. It has become a symbol of higher education and is one of the nation’s most competitive schools. MIT, although much younger than Harvard, has developed a reputation as the nation’s premier school in science and technology. MIT was chartered in 1861 and since then has served as an intensive center for research and learning for students and professors. For several years, the respected U.S. News and World Report has ranked MIT as the #1 graduate program and recently MIT took first place rankings for six out of ten engineering specialty categories. Schools like MIT and Harvard bring some of the finest students to Boston and have a character all their own.

Several Boston colleges have dedicated themselves entirely to the arts. The Boston Conservatory, New England Conservatory of Music, and Berklee College of Music are all schools aimed to educate students in the performance and study of music. The high concentration of music students add to Boston’s cultural scene and nightlife. With schools like the School of the Museum of Fine Art, Mass College of Art, and Emerson College, students engaged in the visual and performing arts flock to Boston. While the School of the Museum of Fine Art and Mass College of Art draw in students focused on visual art, Emerson College has a collective body of students interested in communications and the relationship between communications and art. Popular pursuits at Emerson College include Creative Writing, Publishing, and Journalism in different media. The art schools of Boston ensure a never ending influx of creativity and new vision in the city.

Boston is home to several other unique and respected private liberal arts colleges. While some schools like Northeastern University and Boston University are located directly in the center of the metropolis, other schools like Tufts University and Boston College provide students with the option of having a campus outside the center of the city. For some students, Boston is all the campus necessary; there are never ending activities, shops, and venues to occupy the most active. For others, a peaceful campus with easy access to the city is ideal. Boston colleges and universities give students the option.

If you are beginning your college search or considering continuing your education, consider some of Boston’s school. With great schools in a great city, it’s impossible to lose.

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About The Author: Tammy Westwood

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