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North End - Fenway, Boston flavor found in restaurants & food carts across the city

By Tammy - freelance writer - Article Added ( 12/31/2009 )

In a city like Boston, the culture demands a large variety of delicious and easily accessible food. From the North End, to the Fenway, signature Boston flavor can be found in restaurants and food carts across the city. Boston restaurants are the site of classic American comfort food, as well as ethnic food, and trendy new styles of cuisine. 

The North End is known as “Boston’s Little Italy.” The North End is comprised of over 80 restaurants that serve classic Italian food true to its origins, as well as cafes and bakeries that serve handcrafted Italian pastries. Popular restaurants include Dolce Vita Ristorante, Ernesto’s Pizza, and Assagio Ristorante, among others. Pizza shops are popular, but pizza found in The North End is far from ordinary. Shops like Antico Forno serve pizza made from the finest authentic Italian ingredients in the happiest of environments. Because of its proximity to the water, seafood and fish are a staple in the Bostonian diet. Restaurants in the North End like The Daily Catch serve customers the freshest seafood and pasta prepared in the Sicilian tradition. For dessert, Parziale Bakery and A. Bova and Son’s Bakery guarantee mouthwatering Italian breads and pastries, known for their savory and sweet pairing. Popular dessert items include marzipan, rum cake, and cannolis among many others. For something a little different, stop by Gelateria. Gelateria serves authentic Italian gelato, known for its richness, in every flavor imaginable.

As a center of cultural diversity, Boston has a wide variety of ethnic foods. From classic American comfort food, as served by the famous Cheers restaurant, to Japanese food, Boston has it all. For authentic Japanese food, consider stopping by the Porter Exchange, located in the Lesley University building of Porter Square. Restaurants like Blue Fin and Sapporo Ramen serve delicious sushi and noodles that attract tourists, locals, and college students alike and keep them coming back for more. In Faneuil Hall, another popular Boston destination, variety abounds. From Asian food to Indian and Mexican, visitors can choose from a wide array to satisfy any craving. Faneuil Hall’s dining center is known as the always busy Quincy Market. Ueno Sushi is a popular sushi restaurant found in the market, while Bombay Club promises the best Indian food and El Paso Enchiladas is a great place to find unique Mexican dishes. Variety is the key word in Boston.

No matter what your dining tastes, Boston can satisfy any sweet tooth, any craving. From world class Italian food and pastries, to delicious seafood, Japanese food, and infinite desert options, Boston has the quality and variety of restaurants to have every visitor leave feeling full and satisfied.

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