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Boston is one of the most popular cities for tourists in the United States

By Tammy - freelance writer - Article Added ( 12/31/2009 )

Boston is one of the most popular cities for tourists in the United States; known as a rich source of American history as well as a hotspot of modern culture, Boston attracts tourists from all over the country and all over the world each year.

Boston is filled with plenty of enjoyable activities. Boston boasts several popular museums including the Museum of Fine Arts, the Boston Children’s Museum, and the Museum of Science. Each museum holds a unique wealth of information intended to educate and entertain the public. Families love to spend the day at the Museum of Science and indulge in a film shown in the Mugar Omni Theater, the museum’s five story tall domed IMAX Theater. Art museums are a staple in the Boston trip. While the MFA is the most popular art museum, smaller museums and galleries give tourists a peek at the contemporary Boston art scene.

Boston, the epicenter of the American Revolution and much of the earliest political action, attracts both adults and the curious youth with its historical value. Some of Boston’s most popular historical attractions include the Paul Revere House and the USS Constitution Museum. For first time visitors to Boston, a trek along the Freedom Trail is absolutely necessary. The Freedom Trail is a comprehensive track of Boston that covers sixteen historical sites important to the American Revolution. The 2.5 mile walk gives tourists a real taste of Boston and brings the history of the Revolution to life. Faneuil Hall Marketplace is another great tourist attraction filled with restaurants, shopping, and many talented street performers.

Boston provides tourists with a wide array of accommodations from which one can choose. Comfortable hotels are available for every budget. From the high end Liberty Hotel located directly on Beacon Street, to the Hilton Boston, and the Copley House, tourists can choose from a wide variety of locations and prices. For those in town on important business, there are several comfortable places to stay within the vicinity of Logan Airport. The Hyatt Harborside and the Hilton Boston can both be found on the grounds of Logan International Airport. The Hilton Boston even has a skybridge to connect to the airport, and complimentary shuttles to every terminal. These hotels show tourists the best of Boston, pairing the quintessential Boston feel with premier service.

For tourists of all ages and all budgets, Boston promises a great experience, rich in history and culture. Boston is not the largest of cities, but what it lacks in size, it compensates for with character. It has always been a city essential to the American identity, and this is as true today as it was in 1776. Plan your trip to Boston today for a truly unique experience.

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