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Boston Recording Studio
Phone: 857-207-2247
Address: 131 West Concord St. Suite 1
Boston, Boston 02118
Years In Biz: Less Then 1 Year
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Boston Recording Studio Business Profile:

Boston Recording Studio - Boston, MA Located in the heart of the South End of Boston, our studio fills that gap between small studios and high-end recording studios in Boston. Boston Recording Studio offers incredible sound at an affordable price. Period.

Professional Recording Studio In Boston - Recording, Mixing, Mastering
We have an excellent sound engineer who'll help you get the best results for your hard-earned money, whether you're a Jazz quartet, Classical trio, Hip-hip artist, or Rock band.

We also provide services for commerical audio, including voice-overs and film composition. If you're looking for full service recording studios in Boston, you've arrived.

Whatever your recording needs, the facilities at Boston Recording Studio are built to sound incredible without costing you a small fortune. And hey, we've got table-top pool upstairs for when you need a break!

Category: Media & Entertainment


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