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Hong Kong Eatery
Phone: 617-423-0838
Address: 79 Harrison Ave
Boston, Boston 02111-1909
Years In Biz: 1-5 Years
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Hong Kong Eatery Business Profile:

In the 1970's, my parents brought our family from China to Boston to start a new life. They decided the best way to do so was to introduce real Chinese food to Boston. Prior to that, the Chinese restaurants in the Boston area were actually adapting Chinese food to American taste. Sure the food was prepared using Chinese cooking techniques but the ingredients were lacking. The spices and seasonings were usually limited to salt, pepper and soy sauce while the recipes used local vegetables. Heck, some Chinese restaurants even went as far as offering french fries on their menu!

My parents changed all of that. They served Chinese food that Chinese people wanted eat. They made Chinese food that was authentic. The word got out and soon everyone close to Chinatown knew the best Chinese food in Boston was served at the Hong Kong Eatery. That was 30 years ago.
Today, the Hong Kong Eatery is run by me, Johnny Chu. I opened up a second location in Quincy. Where the Boston location is an authentic "Hong Kong" style eatery, the Quincy restaurant is more suited to family or casual dining. It's brightly lit and spacious, and features multiple TV monitors offering Hong Kong entertainment. It's easy to get to because it's located in Quincy Center and there is plenty of parking available. If you want to sample the best Chinese food that Boston has to offer, but don't want the hassles of parking, the Quincy Hong Kong Eatery is only 10 minutes south of Boston!

Drop in to either of our locations when you are hungry for the best Chinese food in Boston or Quincy. Then you'll know what real Chinese food tastes like and understand why our Chinese restaurant has been around for so long. See you soon!

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